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A lot going on here at ERR…

After over 2 years at our current location in downtown Kent, David and I have to decided to move on. Rent has been creeping up a little and we can’t sustain it at this point. NO NEED TO FRET! ERR will still be blasting away, we will be working out of a one room studio space at my house, and will be working just as hard as before.

A couple developments, in the audio industry itself, and in the Kent/Hudson area, have me very excited and also allow me to bring a higher standard of recording quality, consistency and attention. Here are some of the exciting changes and developments:

First: DeMarco’s School of Music in Hudson has an outstanding studio space, check it here. I will have access to all of this glorious equipment and the engineering and producing talent of Fred DeMarco to work on tracking in a pro-level environment. I am especially looking forward to doing a majority of my drum tracking at DeMarco’s.

Second: Flexibility and budgets… I have invested in creating a more modern, slimmed-down version of ERR. Leaning on DeMarco’s for live drums frees up money and energy into making an-ultra high quality, 2-channel tracking and mixing facility. Instead of needing 16 tracks for drum work, we will have 4 pro-level channels for vocal, guitar, and bass overdubbing. Unreal! Preamps by API and Vintech as well as compressors by Empirical Labs give ERR a professional vocal/instrument chain.

Third: Technology, wow. The final piece to the ERR “skinny” model is the unbelievable flexible Axe FX II guitar modeling system, used by artists as diverse as Bela Fleck, Guthrie Govan, Jeff Loomis, Periphery, Deftones, Dream Theater, and The Black Dahlia Murder, Axe FX is the future of guitar recording. It has over 100 specifically modeled guitar amps and dozens of pedals and effects to tweak until the sun goes down. AND IT SOUNDS AMAZING. This is not your digital guitar sound that sucks… this is the real deal, all in a 2-space rack unit. We can even model YOUR amp and use it within the Axe FX system without blowing my dog’s eardrums out.

Thanks for reading, and please do not hesitate to email with questions or projects.


Man, Summer is Over!

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