Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long does recording X songs take?

Never a good answer for this one. It depends on how complex the song is, time restraints, deadlines, and availability of the artist. My rates are based on 8 hours of tracking for a single song (often it can occur in less time if well rehearsed and prepared)

2. Are the prices negotiable

No. Prices are flexible regarding the project ... and please remember, only 50% is due the day we start so we can spread costs out over the duration of the project.

3. Can you make me sound like this band?

No. You will sound like you! If you are rehearsed and prepared, and you play well, I can make you sound great and professional!

4. Do you accept credit cards?


5. Can you send rough mixes over the net?

Yes. I use Dropbox or Google Drive.

6. Can you hire session musicians?

Yes. I know two amazing drummers, a few great guitar players and some excellent singers. They would all be willing to play for you and they have charged 50-75$ per song in the past with artists who have used them. I play bass and guitar and would be happy to play as a session musician on your songs but it would be an additional 50$ per song.

7. Do you write songs/beats?

Yes. Songwriting prices usually hover around $25/hr and I have co-written/written music to accompany a variety of artists (pop, hip-hop, rock). I would be happy to offer a songwriting opportunity to anyone interested. Please email me for a quote.

8. What genres do you record?

Many... and willing to try all....I have 8 years of experience recording Folk, Blues, Pop, Metal, Hardcore, Rock, Indie, and Acoustic Singer-songwriter styles.